just lovely now the service is so bad on the jet pack and the phone that it keeps throwing me out of my forum question
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forget it I've tried 4 times already and I keep getting kicked out it's useless and that's about the way I feel about Verizon right now because now I am overpaying completely different than what I was given on paper at the store I've cancelled my AT&T account because the jetpack was supposed to work so great it works horribly and I've sent several messages requesting assistance maybe somebody here will see it and get Verizon to wake up because they would not stand behind me with their error when they did not get an IMEI number on my replacement phone just a few weeks after I bought it in 2016 therefore HTC you would not honor their warranty so now I understand that since the jetpack doesn't work as my home which I did not need but I bought it anyway because it was supposed to be no contract and now I find out it's a contract just like the jetpack and if I returned it all which I just got a few days ago I had to bring it back within 3 days to get all of my activation fees in addition I was supposed to receive credits for these activation fees I haven't seen that and I gave them my old phone both the m9 and 7

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Johnduc93, we are saddened to see that you are having service issues. This is never the stellar service we want for you. When did you start seeing the service issues? You mentioned that you made this purchase a few days ago, we do offer a full 14 day worry free guarantee for our equipment, if needed. What exactly happens when trying to connect?


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Thank you for your response. The problem that I'm having is that the

jetpack consistently delivered poor connection speed. It also the service

completely. I receive messages consistently on my phone telling that the

jetpack has disconnected. Even more frustrating at the moment is I keep

getting a Verizon ads popping up. Okay back to my problems. I was under the

impression also not only that I would have very good internet connectivity

trust me I have gone around the property I've gone every location of the

house I will get a solid 3 and four bars and then it dies. Also even while

charged up it will just die even though it is plugged. My intent was to

change my phone give in and pay $250 deductible for the HTC and knowing

that I had because I could not get HTC to stand behind their warranty

period mainly because Verizon did not have the IMEI number for the replaced

phone because of problems I was experiencing with the microphone which

turned out to be later a known issue. All in all I have poor service and

I'm paying more money per month. Unfortunately I am early retired due to an

unfortunate situation that I'm dealing with with my leg hoping to get

repaired but I certainly thought that I would get better prices because it

was written out that way by the representative not to mention the fact that

I had finally given in and was going to pay $ $150 deductible to have my

phone replaced. Anyway the problem that I'm having the jetpack is not

working. I was under the impression I did not have a two-year contract

until I was ready to pay. Now my problem is I've got this really expensive

phone bill and then I'm going to have to go back to AT&T and paid their

high price so I'm really messed up. The jetpack is supposed to be $20 a

month which would be great but now since it's not working if I return it I

lose my activation charges as well as I'm going to have to pay for a better

service. It's really frustrating because the whole intent was to lower the

price between my phone service and internet Wi-Fi. Now I'm paying this

astronomical price with poor service. If you can help me I'd appreciate it

thank you

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We want to make sure that you have a proper functioning Jetpack so you can enjoy the service that we provide. With the Jetpack have you attempted any troubleshooting to see if you could improve service?


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I have tried every part of troubleshooting that is given to the customer.

It is consistently disconnecting and I can receive a notification on my

phone . So in the meantime I'm having to keep my AT&T router connection for

a back up.cannot afford that. this is the same kind of hokey Pokey I

received from HTC when Verizon would not stand behind the product they sold

because they screwed up and did not have and I am yeah my number on the

receipt for the phone exchange so now I had to pay out the rear and I'm

still paying out the rear and you guys don't get it your service in that

area has gone away everyone around me is complaining . What the heck did

you do to the towers between 71341 71350 713 40 ever since the date of this

tornado January 3 when I actually lost service right after the tornado I'm

telling you you have not fixed it two of my neighbors have already left you

because of the problem and I'm gonna leave you also if you don't get the

[Removed] thing fixed because I'm telling you now I am frustrated to know where

I am standing in cotton port Louisiana right now and it works beautifully

but 71350 all the way to  hessmer is broke.

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We would never want to see you leave JOHDUC93. Let's do everything we can to get rid of that frustration. I know you mentioned quite a few things so to be sure we get everything addressed, let's work with the jetpack issue first and then we can address your other concerns. What is the zip code where you are experiencing the trouble? What data speeds are you getting when connected to the Internet http://bit.ly/1ZDHbAp ?


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Okay so obviously somebody got tired of trying to understand the email that

I sent. See how frustrating it is it was very long and I don't leave that

it didn't make a [Removed] bit of sense in some spots because the [Removed]

recognize voice it just types what it wants to about 80% of the time

because of the data issue. Now I told you in the email what I was

receiving. Most of the time I get less than 1 Megabyte per second. I have

gone through my backyard and it will not hold consistent naturally I would

not leave it outside in the weather came back inside and tried it all over

the house. I just pulled in the stupid thing and I'm just using my data from

my phone which still sucks anyway. it's getting worse since January of this

past year this year January 2017 I'm telling you something is wrong with

your radio transponders in your transmitters but no one and you are losing

customers left then right 71350 zip code I have a Mansura Louisiana address

but I live right outside of hessmer Louisiana. I spoke to a company close

by that handles internet for the local schools in the area and throughout

the state and they're laughing at you guys because they are quadrupling

their business and most of it is from Verizon losing business. all I care

about right now either fix the [Removed]  thing or take it back I'm not going to

pay 200 plus dollars for this [Removed] when she rode out on paper what I was

going to be paying and it was all because you guys would not stand behind

your father and get this how old is that jetpack that I have? Because this

phone that's supposed to be brand new that just came out last year was

reset back in the beginning of 2015 hello what does that tell you Verizon

there's one of the most expensive companies and we pay more for a good

service equality service your service is getting terrible and we as

customers are beginning to walk away you're not going to be able to charge

the ridiculous prices anymore if you don't fix the service. Now you can let

me know what needs to be done

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Hello there.

I'm not sure why I'm just receiving your mail. I can understand that there's a possibility that I intentionally shut down the data because

it was slowing down my phone so bad and when I turn the data off a nd Wi-Fi jetpack off my phone seems to run faster. I have tried everything from clearing the cache, turning off anything that might be running in the background. I've been told by reps to only use the Wi-Fi in the home so that it would not get confused with the mobile phone service more so when I'm using the AT&T which now I'm paying for two services on paying for AT&T and I'm paying for Verizon and that's a whole nother story in itself. the billing. I'm like completely beside myself because I have handwritten prices

for all the items I agree to I wanted to do originally with have Verizon. simply back up their customer that would be me because Verizon did not have

an IMEI number on the receipt when they exchanged my HTC M9 because there was a known issue with the microphone when a major update came through last year.

I had just gotten my phone in February the HTC One M9 and people thought I was talking to them through a tin can if I could even get them to

hear me and I love it when I get people that tell me here's the problem you need to put it on HD voice that will fix your problem. well I know what he

did all that he did was throw in my Wi-Fi from AT&T to help boost Verizon signal. This is a very open area I should have no signal issues at all.

however my understanding is there was a major change after a tornado came through in January of this past 2017. 2017 January 3rd there was a tornado that came through I got hit pretty hard because I understand there was an issue and I've noticed an issue. in fact I lost service and it

wasn't even tornado that touched down but it did a lot of damage to the property did a lot of damage to a lot of homes and ever since then, Verizon

a service is terrible.

I can have a Straight Talk phone from Walmart and it beats Verizon hands down. I've got a very nice phone in my hand which is the LG G5 and it is so discouraging when I try to use it I cannot use voice to text and I learned that is not a phone issue it is a cellular or data issue that causes the phone not to be able to recognize my voice and so I can't dictate letters I cannot dictate text messages or anything.  so if I happen to want to respond to a message that comes through while I'm driving and I just want to speak a few words and I pull over I get so frustrated because I have to swipe art app and to be honest I hate to tap I would prefer being able to just simply use speech.

So anyway my main issue is that the data service is horrible and get this she gave me the prices because originally all I wanted to do was I gave up on Verizon helping me to get my HTC One M9 replaced while it was under warranty when it was their fault because they did not have an IMEI number on the receipt so HTC also required if they would take the phone back questionable but if they took it back and replaced it that was the only exchange they would do even if the phone did not work properly that's unacceptable. I have run Speedtest on my laptop and I run them on my phone and it is absolutely horrible I live alone so I do not have anybody else on my network I am occasionally try to stream Netflix. I got frustrated because I had Amazon Prime and it would just keep buffering because of the service and as I said Verizon had no issues in this area. what's the weather in the 71350 zip code that would be?

Mansura Louisiana and my address is [Removed] Mansura Louisiana but in fact, the actual physical location is not in the town or near the town I

am closer to hessmer Louisiana I am literally a little over a quarter mile from hessmer Louisiana. now I know for a fact there were radio communication devices from Verizon on the water tower now there's two water towers in town in hessmer. one of them is less than a mile away from me very clear view and the other is as the crow flies it is probably another mile so I should get awesome service. I don't live in a house with 10 or anything like that on the roof I have taken the jetpack throughout the house even into the Attic and 4 bars come up but then I keep getting a notification on my phone that it is dropped it's been disconnected.  that is absolutely expecially get this here's another problem when she wrote all the prices  down for me and if you looked at my timesheet how long I was in there part of it was because I ended up changing the phone anything up.

the lady was very kind she was very patient and she was very find. Okay this is case and point right now if you try to read these words that I am trying to use to create a sentence and paragraph or statement forget it. I'm not going to backtrack and correct the words I can't use the punctuation because it doesn't understand it anyway. but whenever the dinosaurs down like it is right now it dropped off it does not recognize a single word I will speak to it it comes up and then correct word I will clear it try again and I end up having to just the darn thing period though I am speaking different ways. such as I try slow I try to fast and someone my HTC was a problem with that I thought maybe since it had water that wasn't the case.

anyway with the pricing let me get back to that. I was told that I did not have a contract for the first two years on the hum for the car and the jetpack but in fact I learned that I do have one she told me that I had days a day today I could turn it off at any time but when we went to check out and pay that is when I learned I had a two-year contract on both of those items.  I gave my phones and HTC One M9 and I gave this a Samsung Galaxy 5S to take care of activation fees I was supposed to see credit for those phones and I'm not seeing any credit another problem at checkout time was that she learned that since I was still in contract on that HTC One M9 (remember I have paid off contract with Verizon already just that I got into another one last year because of a phone problems) so I went with the one and nine and I had to go with the contract or do the lease program I chose to go with the contract well that screwed me over.

also because I have paid and I continue to pay large amounts of money Verizon from one [Removed] phone and she told me my life would be easier with this communication issue and she told me that since I was under contract I could not get the new price 4 the one line service. I mean I have [Removed] unlimited data on two devices I bought the [Removed] home okay which doesn't work in my vehicle that's another story.

but here I am spending money on all this stuff and it's not working I had done troubleshooting.

I have gone to Forum. I have done all that stuff now. she had to put me back up to I think it's $60 or $80 for mine that is crazy just because I mean they have been asking me to change from the the plan that I had before which was the Loyalty plan and I would end up paying less

money when in actuality I'm paying much more money since I was changing phone was to get rid of AT&T and go all Verizon. well Guess what? at these prices I can't do that I was supposed to end up right at $160 which was going to be right at the amount that I was paying for my phone and internet service from AT&T my phone being with Verizon now I'm looking at like $200 or more and I have A2 year contract on the jetpack as well as the home.

and I'll tell you another story besides the pricing being and she made it sound really good and she even wrote it on paper and I have that paper but

Verizon has never see her mistakes. now I'm speaking slowly and clearly see how [Removed] this looks. now Verizon has never stayed behind one of their mistakes that I have encountered and as you can see the problems. I'm having their is Coolio Verizon in she just like the reason I could not get my phone replaced from HTC the data just disconnected again that's why it is so screw that you can dictate anyway we're going to try it again this coming back up again.

I mean back in 1995 T-Mobile had issues in this area after you got off of the interstate. but then I 2001 T-Mobile rocks this whole area. Ted's Verizon is going to continue to lose share I'm hearing people and it's not rumors but people are paying out their contracts and moving to AT&T and T-Mobile as well as friend. I could get because right now my son is on his own data with Straight Talk and he pays a little extra for more but his price is still half of what I pay and that thing wrong and I'm sitting here with a brand new phone which I don't believe it is because it says right on the phone information that this phone had a data reset 2015.

anyway my bills are going to be higher than they're supposed to be that's number one. so I accomplished Nothing by going in there that day I wanted to Simply get a new or replaced phone because I have tried to get HTC to replace that phone and Verizon really did nothing to help me but they did

tell me if I paid $250 deductible they would give me another phone. well guess what? for a one M9 when the tens or out the the following month and

now we're looking at the 11th but I was going to get another one M9. okay that's fine,  but I have a major pricing issue I have terrible service and I

have taken my jetpack outside into different areas and I even did the north south east west test. I used the attic in the house nothing will let this

thing keep a reasonable signal. I paid activation fee and I have a have to pay $20 a month for that little piece of garbage.

now this is ridiculous and the answer that I will actually it might be this person he said we have a 14 day return plan if you're not happy just return it. guess what? I'm supposed $90 in credits for the two songs. I'm embarrassed my 27 year old son who is somewhat handicapped from a disease that he was struck with at 11 years old is running faster than me and is dictating and another room with no problems. Straight Talk period.  and look at mine and I am speaking clearly I have relocated myself and stayed stationary five different times since I started responding to this email.

now I know this response is excessive and I know the date the punctuation and grammar is

horrible but you know what this is what I have to deal with everyday.

if I have to pay freaking 200 plus dollars a month and then I want the products to work and I want him to work correctly and if they don't work correctly I should not have to pay for those activations.  I understand I could have gotten my activation credits back in form of a refund if I would have done it within 3 days. guess what? how am I supposed to do that get back to the store from working? you have to understand I didn't call Verizon tonight because I didn't want to go through this again because I dread going through this and every time I speak to someone I have to speak to somebody different and I have to explain myself just like HTC does and it makes me literally want to pull my hair out.

I am a 50 year old man that pretty much a geek, so I'm not one of these people that have a problem with their computer and don't realize that the power is out. so here's another thing. I'm constantly getting notifications from Verizon from the phone my hand piece says Verizon Wireless Verizon Wireless. what the [Removed] is that? obviously it's trying to tell me that the phone is losing service but then the jetpack has service. oh my gosh and like I said, since January it's gotten worse in the 71350 area.  inside the Mansura Louisiana area is actually a joke or Verizon. I'm telling you your service is going down the tubes and the way that I have had to deal with this. and I did not get what I was supposed to get which was the replacement from the manufacturer but I could not get Verizon to help me. with that people are going over to Straight Talk by the droves. they're going to Cricket believe it or not. Because your phones will work in the areas that we live.  this is ridiculous.

so somebody can find out where my credit and if I'm going to be paid no more than $162 because that's what we spent hours on and then when I went to the counter I find out that is not going to be the case. I'm looking at anywhere from 40 to $80 more a month 4 worst service owned by the way the hum is so full of Bologna.

I have had it alive reset it I followed all the directions which by the way, I know how to use the OBD. most people have no idea what that is and it is

lying. okay your program is not working on the item it is not reading my truck information. I intentionally did some things to test it and it reported everything was fine with my truck when I had literally taken out half of my coolant, I took air pressure by 11 pounds out of the back tire. I removed and I disconnected the battery cable but yet the programs that everything was fine with the truck.

and I let it stay that way for over two hours. truck to read the information so that is a scam it is a lying and people use that work thinking that works.

Next thing. truthfully the Bluetooth speaker is the only thing that truly works because I also tested the driving portion of the program and it's apps and I am still speaking very slowly and then I try speaking faster.  but right now it is so bad that even trying to type out the message it won't work so I'm going back to speak into it and no I do not drink and I do not.

so I'm going back to speak into it and no I do not drink and I do not be drugs so you can't say that but you guys sold me a product that accurate.

the other thing I did was I tried the driving part and it was I can't even finish this email.

you're going to tell me that this phone cannot handle such a long email. really somebody needs to fix my problem because I guarantee you I'm going

to get everything because this is it this was supposed to be many of the and I have used in red manual it's literally a piece of garbage and it's mostly that way because of a situation your connectivity is horrible when are y'all going to fix the the radio signal devices that were

on top of the water towers in hessmer or they're not programmed right.

and it's not just my phone.  it is a major problem. I put I did not go to I'm fed up I'm done I was paying close to $100 a month for a phone because I

overeat last year I never came close to using my data. I'm really ,I mean Verizon, like I said and now I have two items with contracts on them and

neither one works.

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The last thing that we want is for you to not have dependable service. I would like to make sure that we are on the same page. You have mentioned a few different things here so I need a better understanding of what you going through. You explained that you were having issues with service in your home. Have you tried using this jetpack anywhere else? In which zip are you located? You mentioned having an issue with the HTC warranty. What happened to your device? Do you currently have a working phone?


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JOHDUC93​, I can assure you this is never the experience that we wanted you to have with our wireless service. Allow me a chance to take a look at your account to better review your account and our network by your home. Please check your inbox for my Direct Message.