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I use a Jetpac 6620L  hotspot with a new Dell Windows 10 laptop that shows a yellow triangle when connecting to the internet. The triangle shows on the task bar at the internet symbol. My other computer is a Toshiba using Windows 7 that does NOT have the issue. Dell has reinstalled the operating system, updated drivers and replaced the WLAN  card nothing has solved the problem. The triangle shows for 1 second up to 30 seconds and sometimes never connects. Any ideas for me?


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If whatever this triangle thing is goes away after 30 seconds then I would assume it is tied to the OS and its ability to check the internet for connectivity or not.  Every time you connect a windows machine to a network it sends out a little probe to a certain website.  The response or lack there of from this website is what the OS uses to determine if you have internet access or not.  Its not necessarily a problem that needs to be resolved, just a feature that needs a little more context to understand.

I don't know why Dell would offer to reinstall your OS, update drivers or swap your WLAN card for a status message like this though.  This suggests that they were thinking there was some kind of a hardware failure on the laptops WiFi card as opposed to something with the Jetpack.

When you mention something "never connects" that might be something we can assist with.  You will have to clarify what it is that is never connecting though.  With a Jetpack there are two wireless connections to be aware of.  The local WiFi connection between the Jetpack and the PC and the cellular connection between VZW and the Jetpack.  Pending on where you are seeing this disconnection scenario various steps would apply or not.

One thing you can try to do to explain this scenario is take some pictures with a smartphone of this error message and attach it to this conversation.  If we can see what icon you are referring to we should be able to confirm what is going on.

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With such a great new computer we know that you are anxious to see it connecting smoothly. We do appreciate all of the steps that have been taken. Windows 10 would be compatible with this hot spot. Let's take a few steps back to check some of the more basic possibilities. After attempting this connection, did you reboot the JetPack? Is the JetPack still successfully connecting to the old device? Have you attempted to delete this connection and set it up as new by following the steps at Forget Wi-Fi Connection - Windows 10 | Verizon Wireless?


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