IMG 1.9, really like it, but a couple of problems
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I really like IMG 1.9, having kept up with the "what's new", was ready to go as soon as it arrived in my STB.

So far, after a couple of weeks, I have a couple of problems.

I am running it on a QIP 7232 2 STB.

The first problem is that either the hardware, or software, seems to get really busy from time to time and ignores any button pressed on the remote.  The light flashes on the STB to say it received the button press, but nothing happens.  Then it gets back from its coffee break, and tries to execute all of the button presses at the same time.

Secondly, although it worked initially, I am unable to contact the box from my PC thru the internet.

I either get "unable to contact..." or "bad gateway".

True, I got this with my previous STB and IMG once or twice, but powering the STB and Modem down/up again would usually fix it.

Since IMG 1.9, and the first contact being OK, it has not responded at all.

So, I guess a call to Verizon Support will be necessary tomorrow.



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