Joinin the "Problems that have arisent due to new IMG" bandwagon

So after getting used to the old new guide with the colors and the HD option and the addition of options like getting program info from the DVR menu and such I now have to adjust to a new guide and new (or missing) options.  So here are my complaints that I know will go unnoticed but never the less want to put it out there:

1.  Ever since I have had the service I have had issues with the DVR and recordings getting pixelated and cutting off (usually at an important part.  No it never happens during a commercial it only happens during the show every time).  I have seen this on both of my DVR's and sadly have just accepted it because I don't want to deal with the unplugging and rebooting that I have already done repeatedly.

2. My other big problem now is when I try to record something and there is a conflict instead of it giving me the option to cancel one of the recordings like before now it only says there is a conflict and to record it on the other DVR.  I have checked all the options repeatedly so if I am missing it please tell me but this new update so far is a negative.

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I'm pretty sure the problem with the pixelation, macroblocking, dropouts, and other audio/video problems is due to a primitive or cheap video processing chipset for handling the data stream and that data is either mpeg2 or a crude mpeg4 codec.  The lower quality of the dvrs being used just can't handle the bandwidth requirements.

When I first changed over to FiOS from Dish, it was mindboggling that even with eSata, the external drive capability is quite poor.  What Dish could do over USB, Verizon was struggling to make work over eSata.  I remember reading somewhere that a Verizon Tech told a customer they were using eSata for the external drive because that function wouldn't be possible over USB.  I had to laugh in disbelief.  I guess the average customer doesn't know better and maybe the same is true for the average tech.

I guess we are not supposed to care so much about the quality of programming as it is "only" tv.  If books had occasional words, sentences, and even whole pages missing the publisher would be out of business.

At this point, I'm saving money to buy a Tivo Premiere XL4 and ditch this 7232 toy we are stuck with.

Good luck!