Quantum Guide a Giant Step Backwards?
I upgraded to Quantum and all the things I loved about the guide on my old DVR is out the window! Why am I getting a crappier version of the guide on a more expensive service? I want my episode numbers and rotten tomatoes and suggested programs back! I can't even see a place to see the current software version.
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Re: Quantum Guide a Giant Step Backwards?
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Quantum is more complex then the old boxes. Quantum is written in html5 not Java like the legacy boxes.

There is a major update that should be coming out in the next few weeks to markets.

It was rumored for late May if all of the testing is going according to plan. Since it is a major update they will roll out updates by market over a 1-2 week period.

As far as the version number goes you have to go into the menu then settings. It is in there.