We, the customers of Fios are begging for better graphics and ability to customize Media guide
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The other posts say it all.  After living with this for several days, I'm more convinced than ever that this release is a BIG mistake.

1) I want the ability to change back to the earlier interface.

2) I want the ability to more readily customize the interface

3) I want to declutter the channel list..there is way too much stuff going on....the graphics are not simple

4) I want to have many more channels displayed at one time

5) When I change channels I DON'T want almost half the screen consumed by useless information...I want to turn this feature off!!

6)+  I want...I want...I want...crap, I should like a whiney teenager!!!  But seriously Fios, look at all the complaints...this should be a real opportunity to actually improve the interface...as opposed to what was thrust upon us....I really don't like this release even though there may be some technical enhancements in the background.

99) Please fix this stuff...Ask for customer recommendations and get it fixed!!!

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i want to see on the screen what channel numbers im tuning to when i use the remote they are too small