can someone post what's GOOD about new interface
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since I can't really use the TV any more (without sitting two feet from it wearing 2.0x reading glasses in a dark room), i have no idea what time IMPROVEMENTS are in the new guide. i get the whole dvr-sharing thing, and that does seem valuable, but I didn't need a new interface for the interactive guide to get a feature like that.

for the defenders and beta testers, what about the guide is actually improved? who knows, maybe i can learn to love it, too.

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I've had it for about 2 weeks and I still can't find anything positive about the new guide other than a few incredibily minor technical aspects related to the DVRs 'recorded programs' display.  I've never been interested in bothering with the widgets or any of the extra crap they have on there, so maybe that was improved....but everything else was a huge step backwards in my opinion.

It's kind of hard to imagine that any feedback from beta testing was taking into consideration before they decided to force the new channel guide on everyone.


Release notes can be found here. I know since these came out there have been some added features, such as multihub and other items that were not mentioned in the initial notes because of marketing issues.

Like any change. Some like it some don't. I would vote for smaller thumb nails on the left and a larger timeline of programming to the right. I do not need to see a giant picture that says ABC, CBS, or HBO, Just my thoughts. But there are improvements that are not mentioned in the link posted. If you have any of the older HD hardware, say 6xxx I would attempt to get it replaced. Now the SD QIP2500 boxes even started running slow when 1.8 rolled out.