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I’ll be going on a cruise next week. I’m getting the cruise plan to cover the days at sea and the international plan for days in port. However, I’m planning on spending one of the port days on the ship. If the ship is docked in port, then will the international plan work while on the ship? Or will being physically on the ship mean my phone will default to the cruise plan? Is there a way to pick which plan is used? The international plan allows for much more data, so I want to use that for most internet use, reserving the cruise plan to just what I need to access on at sea days. 

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Customer Service Rep

That sounds like an awesome trip and we want to make sure you're well informed. The plan will depend on what carrier you connect to. If you're connected to the cruise network, you will be charged based on the cruise plan, but if the local port network is strong enough to reach you in the cruise ship, you will be charged using the international plan. The network you're connected to can also change periodically during the day based on your signal strength. I recommend being conservative with your data while you're at port just to be sure.