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I'm traveling to Guatemala tonight and turning on Wifi calling. Last time I did that, Verizon systems incorrectly charged me travelpass days even though I was using another local SIM card. Can somebody from the Verizon team send me a private message so that this doesn't happen again? Getting a credit last time was a struggle

Also just to confirm, wifi calling over another local provider SIM card should not kick in travel pass correct?

Thank you

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I know if I were traveling I would want to focus more on my enjoyment of that trip than to worry about unwanted TravelPass charges myself, lovevr02. I am happy to help offer some clarification so that you can best be prepared for your trip.

TravelPass is only charged when you use voice, text, or data while traveling internationally. This means if you answer and incoming call, or make an outgoing call. Send a text message, or use mobile data (app refreshes, syncing (email), or browsing the web. All of these activities will start a TravelPass session. 

You can learn more here:


You mentioned using another carrier SIM card. Do you remove your Verizon SIM to use this, or do you use Dual SIM?


The reason that I ask is that the only way to prevent unwanted TravelPass charges is to leave your phone in Airplane mode unless you need to us it. You can still use Wi-Fi while in Airplane mode.