What is going on with customer service?

I've stayed with Verizon for years and years because of their great customer service.  Now, I am seriously considering leaving due to the lousy customer service.  I've spent over an hour trying to get an issue resolved.  I travel a lot and use the international plans, mostly the one month for $100.  I first tried enrolling online, which worked, however, the email telling me how to use the plan went to the email I originally signed up with for Verizon.  This email has not been valid for 8 years.  I tried getting it changed but to no avail.  The next time, I talked to a representative I could barely understand and who obviously knew nothing about international plans.  I did finally get a plan set up, but she didn't send me an email on  how to use it.  I needed to make a phone call while overseas, but couldn't because I didn't know how.  Now, they want you to sign up with the digital assistant, which I think I did, but still no email about how to use the plan.  I tried called a representative, but could barely understand anything he said.  I finally did a live chat and was able to get instructions on how to use the plan overseas.    LIke I said, over a hour to get this done.  I've tried to find out where to complain to Verizon directly about their lack of customer service, but couldn't find anywhere to do.  Thus, I'm using this community forum to complain in the hopes that someone from Verizon will respond.  What is the likelihood of that?  Probably zero.

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Re: What is going on with customer service?
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Hello, ccbeth48. Thank you for reaching out to us with your concern. As a consumer myself, I know how much I depend on my phone when I travel internationally, it is the best tool to help me maneuver in a new country, and I regret to hear that you were having issues with the set-up and use of the feature. I do want to make sure that you are all set when it comes to the use of the feature? Have you been able to successfully use the feature while you are traveling? ~Pamela