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Be Careful with Travel Pass

This is the 2nd bad surprise I’ve gotten & after being with Verizon for over 6 years, it has me thinking seriously  of leaving. Last December I traveled to Mexico & before I left I called Verizon CS to ask how it worked. I just returned again a week ago from Mexico. Again, I spoke with Customer Sevice to clarify as I didn’t want to pay $5.00 per day unless I absolutely needed to. I asked if I would get charged if I was using the WiFi at my hotel ( and didn’t answer any phone calls or use data when not in WiFi.) I was assured I wouldnt be charged while on WiFi.

i received my bill & noticed there’s a $40 additional charge on my bill for the 8 days I was away. I called customer service up & I explained I only used texting while on WiFi. I was told that there was no charge to iMessage texts & if I text’d non iMessag people I was charged $5.00 per day.

I told him that’s not how it was explained to me & I wanted to speak to a supervisor.

- I’m STILL waiting for her to call me. As much as I’ve been happy with Verizon & have recommended it to fellow Realtors, I may leave. It’s not right to be charged while on wifi even though I may  have texted 1 or 2 people per day for a couple texts.

BUYER BE WARE with Verizon’s Travel Passs. It may be the last bill I get.

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Re: Be Careful with Travel Pass
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It’s true, you wouldn’t be charged when using WiFi,  but you’d have to turn the cellular data network setting in your phone off to ensure you don’t get charged when traveling internationally.

Re: Be Careful with Travel Pass

Actually that’s not true - that’s what I thought. I was on WiFi at the hotel & I thought I was ok texting free f charge on WiFi under the travel pass but I’m finding out the hard way that it only includes IMessage so if you happen to text someone who is not iMessage then you get charged $5.00 per day.

im STILL waiting for a supervisor to return my call