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Robo Calls activating Travel Pass

I travel a lot.  I have been HORRIBLY disappointed with travel pass for two reasons: 

One is that incoming robo marketing calls are triggering Travel Pass even when they are not being answered.  I'm not sure what is happening; I know some robo callers can circumvent the answer and put a voice mail directly into my phone. (Often the calls arrive in the middle of the night because of the time difference and I don't know about them.)

The second problem I have is that I do not know that I have activated Travel Pass until one hour before the end of the 24 hour period!  Because it is triggered by a robo call I have no idea until 60 minutes before it ends.  I then try to use it as much as I can in that 60 minutes.  A couple of times, I've forgotten to turn off the cellular data at the end of 60 minutes and have incurred another day Travel Pass.

This happens about one third or one quarter of the days that I am overseas.  It really ads up.  My July Travel Pass bill was $70, most of which I did not initiate.  If you cannot stop the robo calls, (I am on the U.S. Government's "no-call list" but it clearly doesn't work.) then please text me when Travel Pass is activated, not just at the very end.


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Re: Robo Calls activating Travel Pass

Are you sure it is the unanswered call that is trigger the travel pass? Any data usage will trigger it including the data used to send the visual voicemail to your phone. Can you keep the phone in airplane mode for the trip and use wifi calling to access your calls and text messages?

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Re: Robo Calls activating Travel Pass

Absolutely. I keep the phone on, but with cellular data turned off. (I must be available by phone.) If I had answered a call, then I would know that the Travel Pass had been activated.

Re: Robo Calls activating Travel Pass
Customer Support

I know how annoying it can be when a robo caller calls your phone while traveling Petkae85. I do wish we can control this, but we are unable to. What you can do is put the phone on airplane mode and turn on WiFi. This will guarantee your service not being able to activate. You will still be able to use WiFi calling. Here (WiFi Calling Set up and Use number 2) how you can enable WiFi calling. There has to be some connection to our services for Travel Pass to activate. Does this help?


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