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Travel Pass Throttling has ruined a good thing

I was originally a huge fan of travel pass. It save the long trip hours of meticulously buying a sim card for each phone, loading data in a foreign country and worrying about data size, along with having to communicate with others about my plans and new numbers.    This of course came at a premium of around $140 for the two phones for a 1 week trip but was a fair trade for the convenience it offered. 

This most recent trip, I discovered for the first time  "The throttle" where data speeds were reduced from 4g to 2g (essentially useless) after the first 500mg.  This had not occurred on previous plans essentially makes the phones useless when you do not have wifi access.  The prices, of course, were not reduced to reflect the reduction in service quality. 

Even before the data was throttled the 4T service in Ireland was not as good as we had experienced before. But essentially all the travel pass did was let us use calls and text from our home lines, but data was meaningfully limited to wifi only.

It is a shame Verizon took what had been a superb international option (if expensive) and ruined it.

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Re: Travel Pass Throttling has ruined a good thing

Agreed. Shame that Travel Pass has throttling enabled now. The smartphone apps are almost useless with 2G speeds. I got misinformed when I signed up for travel pass, as the agent stated that I get the same experience in US when I travel internationally. The apps and phones today (any droid or iphones) use up data in the background itself and .5G goes up before your breakfast is over. So, the phone comes to a screeching halt after that. The main reason for people sticking with verizon is due to the coverage and experience. You end up paying more for this. This experience with Travel pass now has ruined it. I am paying close to $100/month and then for travel pass on top of that. I do not mind paying for a but extra, but this nickel and diming the customer is sad. I hope Verizon starts caring about the user experience they provide to their users.