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WiFi International Calling

When traveling to Europe and using TravelPass, it seems that you can still be charged for International calls even if using WiFi calling in Airplane mode. Is that correct? is there anyway to avoid charges for local calls when in Europe? I am assuming that with TravelPass calls and text to the US are free? Please clarify. thanks

Re: WiFi International Calling
Sr. Leader

Good question, complicated answer.  

To start there are different plans and charges for long distance vs roaming.  

Second, when you use Wifi calling anywhere in the world, it is another way to connect to Verizon and you are charged as if you were in the USA.  

So here’s how it works:   If you connected via cellular in Europe you trigger the $10 pass charge.  If you use Wifi to call home, it’s free.  If you use Wifi to call a European number, it’s long distance.  


Re: WiFi International Calling
Customer Support

Great question, rbwriter1. As long as Wi-Fi Calling is enabled, and activated before you go, you should have no issues with using it. You want to ensure that the device stays in Airplane Mode every time you do not want to enable a TravelPass session. Also, when making any sort of call, or text that is not on Wi-Fi you will enable a TravelPass session, and will only be charged additional if making a call that it out of the country that you're currently in.



Re: WiFi International Calling

Hello,  Good info about calling and texts.     May I ask,  Is Data used while in Travel pass?   Is Data used when only in WIFI mode?    (I don't use much but need to follow and understand all this.)

Very appreciated!