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verizon roaming in mexico?

i am going to mexico city in 1 month. and i have gotten nothing but mixed answers from different reps at different verizon stores. ON my s8 plus i have it on global mode on the network settings like they told me i should at the last verizon store. I have an unlimited plan which i got 2 months ago when i first signed up. First verizon store told me its 1 GIG of data roaming in mexico at full lte speed. Then after a gig i get slowed down at 2G speeds free of charge since i am on an unlimited plan. Went to a different verizon store and they told me its 5 dollars a day and only 500 something at lte speeds which is less than the 1 gig they had told me at the other verizon store and now 5 dollars a day?? i told him well at the other store they didnt tell me anything about 5 dollars a day since supposedly i am on an unlimited plan, and they told me it was 1 gig at full lte speed a day before they slowed me down free of charge. He was like um no its 5 dollars a day period and no 1 gig of data . I know the phone is unlocked since i put a tmobile from my friend sim and it worked. I was thinking of getting a mexican sim once i get to mexico city but then again i would have to get a mexican number for that whole week ima be in mexico, which that would be a hassle since i would have to give that mexican number to all my family members and they are a lot . So that's not gonna work.. So that why i wanted to take my verizon phone and be able to use it mexico since i thought it would work fine but now i am confused .. will i be able to use 1 gig of data at full speed free of charge? or i dont get 1 gig of data and have to pay 5 dollars? i would just like a clear answer . because i am afraid of coming home to a huge bill...

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Re: verizon roaming in mexico?

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Re: verizon roaming in mexico?
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We definitely understand not wanting to come home to a huge bill. I apologize for any conflicting information you have been provided. The link Ann154 provided is great to review all of your options. On the New Verizon Plan Unlimited if you use over half a GB of data on a line within a 24 hour period your speeds are reduced to 2G until midnight EST then it will resume back to 4G. This service is included with the plan so you do not need to add TravelPass as suggested. To find the plan that best suits your needs I recommend visiting and signing in.



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