Where are the security updates?
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I bought my Verizon Orbi over a year ago but had to stop using it after finding out it was not being updated. In case you're not aware, the Verizon-branded Orbi does not receive and will not accept the normal Netgear Orbi firmware. Verizon initially claimed they would be releasing their own, but there has not been a single update since it was released. I've was run around tech support for so long that I eventually cut my losses and bought a new access point because not having these updates is an unacceptable security risk. Well I've come across my Orbi again and was hoping that after all this time there would be at least a minor update, but there are STILL none. I STILL cannot use nor even SELL this product.

After all the incredibly serious security vulnerabilities disclosed over the past 2 years or so you'd think verizon would take this seriously. They might not think it's important, but I definitely do and would like to warn all other Verizon Orbi users that they are extremely vulnerable to some very common and harmful attacks. Attacks that any other 'premium' networking product has fixed a LONG time ago. Any security researcher who had bought this product has probably thrown it in the trash, and maybe even filed a report to various consumer protection agencies for false advertising.

footnote: the most common response to this issue is that Netgear is supposed to be providing the updates. that is undeniably false, particularly to anyone who has actually used the product and tried to resolve the issue. Netgear does a great job updating their Orbi products--but those updates do not work with VERIZON's device.

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Re: Where are the security updates?

Hi Pyrep,

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