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Complex issue with jet pack Wi-Fi and data usage

We have 2 iPhones with unlimited data and 1 jet pack with metered 40GB data bucket.  We typically have 2 iPads connected to the jetpack and we typically use about 1.5-2gb a day. Yesterday, for reasons I can’t figure out, our data usage spiked to 6GB on the jetpack. 

After checking all the usual culprits and ascertaining that no video, no background app refresh, not downloading of any files that I could find, I downloaded a real time data tracker. Within 30 minutes, I’d used 100 mb of data—only using Safari with one tab open to

I closed all the apps , erased the history and cache from Safari, and restarted the iPad. In 1/2 an hour it used 63mb of data. This time using having only 1 app open, Chrome, and one tab open,

I’ve been testing the data use when tethered to my iPhone vs the jetpack and the difference in usage is 6mb in 30 minutes on the iPhone (again with Safari, one tab, Verizon) vs 36mb on the jetpack. Any guesses why this difference might be there?

The jetpack wasn’t registering the correct data usage (relative to what showed), so I also restarted that, but the differences between the phone and the jetpack haven’t changed.  

Thanks for any ideas on what else I could check to slow the data usage on things connected to the jetpack

Re: Complex issue with jet pack Wi-Fi and data usage
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We underatnd ow important it is to understand how your data is consumed. Application settings, content on your display, and overall device settings will impact your usage. What appears when you check how your data was consumed utilizing our Data Utilization Tool?