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How do I clear my Jetpack Mifi device cache?

I am a web designer/developer and I travel in my RV and do my work. So, I use my Mifi to connect to the internet so I can work. The problem is that it is caching old versions of my sites and I am not able to clear it.

For example:

While I am building a site, I use a temporary URL so that I can see it on the internet. When it is completed, I take the site live on the internet by switching to the real URL.

Once I've made the switch, I have to clear all the caches so that users see the correct version of the site on the real URL. Then I test it by viewing the site on the real URL.

However, I still only see the cached version of the site even though everyone else in the world can see the correct version.

Now here's the proof that it is caused by my Mifi:

If I switch my internet connection to someone else's ISP, I can suddenly see the correct version of the site!

Since caches clear themselves on a scheduled basis, it will eventually clear and I will be able to see it. But until then, I cannot finish my work on the site unless I use somebody else's internet.

I tried to talk to a Verizon support tech who had absolutely no idea what I was talking about. She talked in circles until I finally gave up.

This is a big problem for me. Does ANYONE out there know how I can clear this cache so that my work is not held captive??

Re: How do I clear my Jetpack Mifi device cache?

You are making an assumption that the cache is stored on the MiFi, but I do not believe that is the case.  It doesn't make sense for your MiFi to cache web traffic, it would run out of memory in no time.  Instead, the cache is likely back on Verizon's end somewhere since switching to a different provider resolved the issue.

To verify, try connecting to a 2nd Verizon device and see if you can replicate the problem.  If you can then you know its not the MiFi but the VZW network.  Nothing you can do about that.

The only thing you can do to purge memory on the Jetpack is to reset it to the defaults.  You can do that from the control panel or find the reset button under the back battery door.  If you reset the defaults and the problem persists then you know its a VZW network cache issue and not a local Jetpack memory cache issue.

Re: How do I clear my Jetpack Mifi device cache?
Customer Support

klucas0406, it sounds like you do some great work with your internet connection. While the JetPack will not store cache, you always have the option to reset the device. Simply go to the Menu, Settings, and select the Factory Reset option. After building a site, do you clear the cache on the computer used to complete this task?

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