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Jetpack 7730L restarts different settings

I have a 7730L I purchased used.  About 2 hours after I turned it on, it installed a firmware update, restarted, and then the SSID and the password changed.  It lost the -xxxx suffix from the default SSID of Verizon-MiFi7730L-xxxx and became Verizon-MiFi7730L.   Both the before and after password seem fairly random.  At this point the admin password is displayed as ****.

If I factory reset the device, the SSID returns to the orginal default with the -xxxx suffix, and the password returns to the original default password.  After 20-30 minutes (but once in less than 2) it restarts, and the other settings take over again.

I can even customize it between these steps, setting my own SSID, network password, and admin password, and it all works normally until it suddenly restarts and reverts to the other settings with the *'d admin password.

Anyone have any thoughts?  Is this device under some enterprise management system that keeps taking over?  Can Verizon fix this?

Thank you,
Charlie Hedlin

Re: Jetpack 7730L restarts different settings
Customer Support

Hello, WoodchuckTX. We certainly understand wanting to know what is happening with your Jetpack device and are here to help. Is it currently active on a Verizon account?