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Jetpack AC791L Port Forwarding

I'm trying to forward ports to get my NAT to at least moderate on For Honor for PC, currently at a Strict NAT. I'm forwarding the ports to my PC's static IP Address, but whenever I test the ports on canyouseeme, portchecker, and simple port tester, they come back to me as closed. I've added exceptions to my windows firewall, tried disabling the firewall, and tried placing my PC on the Jetpacks DMZ and still get ports closed when checking them.

Re: Jetpack AC791L Port Forwarding

You need to use a VPN or purchase a public IP address for the Jetpack to get past the NAT firewall and private IP addresses normally assigned to the devices on the Verizon Wireless network.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Jetpack AC791L Port Forwarding
Sr. Member

> I'm forwarding the ports to my PC's static IP Address,

For that to actually work, the data associated with the desired ports must be at the public side of the router (Verizon's side of your Jetpack). Your PC doesn't necessarily need a static IP address, but your Jetpack does in order for those desired ports to make it to your Jetpack. If you look at your Jetpack's IP address (from About in the user interface) you'll see it starts with 10 or 100 and both of those are classified as reserved and not available to the internet for routing. Such IP addresses are only used within private networks meaning the Verizon side of your Jetpack connects to Verizon's private network which does not allow the desire ports through to your Jetpack.

Currently, there are 4 possible solutions:

1) Use a VzW approved VPN Server that VzW allows thought their network

2) Use an optional public facing static IP address issued by VzW to business accounts

3) Use the VzW service LTE Internet (Installed) which includes a static IP address

4) Use another service provider that includes a static IP address as part of the service