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MHS291L very low signal strength

I live in a Top 20 Market where the Verizon Wireless map shows i should have very good LTE and XLTE coverage.

However, the signal strength using a MHS291L is very low (reporting -115dBm).

This is the same reading I get with a 5510 so I believe the reading to be correct.

I really cannot increase the signal moving the unit around a Horizontal Arc - but can get about a 4dBm rise moving it up Vertical around 3 feet, but obviously 4dBm is not helping the situation.

Would prefer to keep this Verizon unit instead of Sprint or T-Mobile, both of which have towers within 1.0-1.5 miles of my location, where the Verizon Tower is a good 5-7 miles away at minimum.

As the MHS291L has an external antenna connection  - and knowing a $19-$29 antenna will accomplish essentially nothing - and suggestions of what powered antenna I could purchase to put in my attic to improve the signal - especially as this unit operates on the 700 Mhz Band AND the 1700 Mhz Band?


Details of Verizon Wireless Mobile Internet

Modem Model

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Signal Strength

-115 dBm

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Re: MHS291L very low signal strength

>and suggestions of what powered antenna I could purchase

There are only a few options that I am aware of.  The majority of consumer booster/antenna kits that I hear about are from WilsonElectronics.  You can purchase them through resellers or online via

VZW is supposedly finalizing a 4G LTE extender right now.  If you happen to have a decent internet connection in this location the new extender will pipe 4G LTE through your land line internet connection.  These little guys will be a welcomed addition to the troubleshooting toolkit if they perform as expected.  Unfortunately there is no ETA or release date planned right now so its not worth waiting around for.

Re: MHS291L very low signal strength

well, if i have an internet connection, the last thing i need is a 4G LTE Extender!

This unit is supposed to be a backup for when FiOS goes out.

Re: MHS291L very low signal strength

As John recommended get an amplifier antenna combination:

Here is a great that will get you 6,000 sq ft of coverage

SureCall Fusion5s 72db Repeater Kit (1-6 Users) - Omni/Panel [700/800/1700/1900/2100mhz] : 3Gstore.c...