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MHS800L has bugs in its firmware

Be warned. I have had nothing but issues with this hotspot: it reboots on its own randomly, and fails to broadcast at times.

Here is something I found when enabling logs:

This is the settings page, note that there is:

  • Automatic Shutdown
  • Turn Off Display
  • LED On/Off
  • Blink Delay

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 2.13.50 AM.png

Now let's change the Blink Delay from 3s to 5s. Here is the log

[2015/10/09 02:04:28] Request [Clear Log]: Succeed.

[2015/10/09 02:04:41] Prefence Change:

[2015/10/09 02:04:41] Turn off display: After 30 seconds

[2015/10/09 02:04:41] Auto Shutdown : After 10 minutes

[2015/10/09 02:04:41] Power Indicator : ON

[2015/10/09 02:04:41] Auto Shutdown : 5 Sec

Note the last line.

I'm a software developer, and know it's quite possible that a string literal that is shared w/ the Auto Shutdown was used for the Blink Delay, but this leads me to really worry about core functionality of this hotspot.

Firmware version:

Re: MHS800L has bugs in its firmware

I am a traveling professional that relies on technology. My phone is AT&T and I have had 0 total issues with their service. I decided to go with Verizon two months ago for extending my service reach with their hotspot (that was raved as being the 'best' by their wireless store), and possibly migrate to them due to their 'coverage map'. That's not going to happen.

Anecdotal, but probably the first hint that this service was going to be a nightmare: the next day after getting my hotspot, I get a text message (to my hotspot) to rate my shopping experience. How funny, I get charged $0.20 for that message...but it's a Verizon message. What company charges you to communicate with them? Verizon!

The software development community that I work with (San Francisco to Los Angeles) is actually quite small in terms of degree of separation. We are also probably one the larger consumer bases for these products. I am going to have to recommend against Verizon when we discuss. A shame, because they have such a nice backing coverage map. Apparently, all the 'good' jetpacks that Verizon had, are all discontinued for these mass-produced, poorly-coded weak links. AT&T has great hotspots and so do the others.

Re: MHS800L has bugs in its firmware

Last thing I'll mention to help others find this:

  1. When connected to hotspot, visit: http://my.jetpack/
  2. Click About Jetpack (located on left side menu)
  3. Click on Logs menu option
  4. Enable System Logs
  5. Click Save Changes
  6. Click Jetpack Settings (located on left side menu)
  7. Select Preferences (in sub menu on right side, under the current Jetpack tab menu)
  8. Adjust the Blink Delay to whatever you desire
  9. Go back to About Jetpack (located on left side menu)
  10. Click on Logs
  11. Read the results
Re: MHS800L has bugs in its firmware

Good find!  If I can get my hands on one of these I will be happy to reproduce and confirm.