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New Jetpack not working


I am on vacation in a campground in Florida and my current cell service provider doesn’t have very good service where I am. The problem is I need internet to stay in contact with work and obviously can’t get it through my phone.  I talked to the people camped next to me and they said they have been using a Verizon Jetpack for the past couple of years and it works great.

I went and purchased a prepaid Verizon Ellipsis Jetpack 2 nights ago at Best Buy. We activated it in the store but there was a problem when I tried to set up my account. I just sat there and said Please wait or something like that. The guy from Best Buy had to manually call it in to get the $70.00 unlimited plan put on it. After a little bit we tried to log on it and it seemed to work.

I then brought it back to our campground and it wasn’t working.

  1. I have 4 to 5 bars of service but the arrows weren’t there. The arrows would show up sporadically. (Every few minutes or so for a second or two)
  2. I was finally able to connect to it with my laptop but as soon as I would try to connect with one of our phones or tablets it would drop the internet.
  3. I tried to powering it on and off about a dozen times. Took the battery out. Held the Power button down. Updated the firmware………  Still no luck.

The next day I called tech support and they finally put me through to the better tech support area.

She looked at my account and tried a few things. After about an hour on the phone it seemed to be working and I was able to connect more than 1 device at a time and could access the internet. This was about just after lunch……… Unfortunately about a half hour after that I was having the same problems. (I didn’t have time to call tech support again as my cell phone service is terrible here.) (remember I have a different provider than Verizon)

I played with it, trying everything I could think of from: changing channels, static Ip my phones, deactivating Ivp6,  re-booting the jetpack, re-booting all my devices….. and a bunch of other things…… Nothing worked. (I am pretty good with electronics)

Funny thing was, I was able to connect to it just after midnight last night and it worked good for an hour and then stopped again.

Today I kept trying to get it to work and it started to work just after noon again for about an hour and a half and then it stopped working again.

Problems I see:

  • - Jetpack doesn’t show arrows 95%  the time. (even though the cell signal shows 4 or 5 bars)
  • - Sometimes the Jetpack doesn’t even broadcasts it’s own local wifi signal
  • - Laptop will connect the best (when it does) (when it doesn’t, the laptop will try to connect and then say “can’t connect to network” or the wifi symbol will drop and then come back
  • - 4 android phones sometimes don’t even see the wifi signal from the Jetpack
  • - when the phones do see it, they will try to connect and then the wifi signal from the Jetpack will drop and then come back. Then it will try to connect again.
  • - Sometimes the phones will give me “an Authentication Error Occurred”

Additional Question:  Why can’t I connect to the Jetpack even if there is no connection to cell tower. (You can still connect to a Wifi router even if there is no internet to make changes to it)

I think there is something wrong with it. Please help if you can as I have spent about 6+ hours trying to make it work when I could have been doing my actual work.

Current location: Zip code: 33597

Re: New Jetpack not working
Customer Support

We understand your concern to have a working device at all times. Are you still having issues with your jetpack? When you have issues, the best solution would be to troubleshoot to figure out what is going on. We do not see any reports for your location. If you still have issues, did restarting the jetpack helped at all? What model jetpack do you have? You can try our troubleshooting guide online to assist you. Find out more about our troubleshooting options here, To get in contact with our prepaid department, you can dial, 888-294-6804.


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