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Pre Paid Plan Change When Assured It Wouldn't

Okay ready, Here we go;

I owned an Ellipsis JETPACK on a prepaid plan for approximately 5 years now. With that device starting to show it's looks in age and performance i opted to go to the Verizon Store and purchase a new one .......... here is where the fun begins........

While purchasing my new device (MiFi 8800L) for $199.99 i was informed by the store agent i that my prepaid unlimited plan that I had was going to have to change to a pre paid 15 gb plan. This went back and forth and i ended up calling Verizon on the phone and talking with both them and the stores representative at the same time. 

In the end I was assured by the representative on the phone that I "Absolutely will not lose my unlimited plan, everyone who has it is grandfathered in even though it is not offered anymore"

I asked again for reassurance and told them if i was going to lose the unlimited plan by purchasing this device i would simply buy a device third party and do a swap to keep my plan. 

I was reassured again that there is no need to go through all that you can purchase this device and keep your plan blah blah blah.

So i leave the store new device in hand, happy and satisfied that Verizon came through for me in the time of need, and thinking to myself this is why i have stayed with verizon all these years (i also have verizon plans for three phones on contract and have had them for over 15 years now) because they know how to take care of a customer. 

Man was I WRONG on that one this time, you see tonight to my surprise, as i am adding funds to renew my plan which i do every month i am on the road (steady for over a year now), and what happens after i submit the funds. My wonderful Unlimited Pre Paid plan was Magically whisped away and replaced with a 15 gb plan for the same price i was paying for the unlimited plan.


The part of this that angers me is that i was blantantly lied to by not one but two company representatives who assured me there would be no change.

Its either that or there was a simple mistake that is easily fixed, but my money says the first statement is more likely the case.

Does anybody know if i have any chance of getting my old plan back or do i just have to smile and take where they gave it to me?

The only other option i see is switching carriers with everything all together out of simple spite, which is not something i want to do, but after being treated this way am seriously contemplating.

I just don't know what else to say I am literally beside myself right now


Re: Pre Paid Plan Change When Assured It Wouldn't

So after all it appears that verizon has come through once again

And that is the reason i have stayed with them so long

I appologize for the past post which as for now appears to have been preemptive as i have everything they said i would have

so i will leave this issue closed with a thankyou from verizon and will update you later on if all this goodness holds true 🙂


Re: Pre Paid Plan Change When Assured It Wouldn't
Sr. Member

Did you go to an actual Verion store or a retailer? You didn't state the store location. Also they are having a double data program so at the very least you should be getting 30 GB. Also if you look at the terms unlike ther other 2 plans ( 3 and 8 GB ) when you reach your limit the speed is slowed to 600 Kbps max. Which isn't fast but faster than the 128 kbps the othes are slowed to. And I'm not sure on this point but I think the video is supposed to stay at 720p regardless unless of course there is congestion

Re: Pre Paid Plan Change When Assured It Wouldn't

boring username thank you for your fast response, but we posted at the same time


see above


apparently this guy here jumps to conclusions to fast 😞


and everything now appears to be as they stated it would be 🙂