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Several questions about configuring a JetPack MiFi 6620L's use of data

Hi, gang. So I'll start with my first of two apologies about such a long ramble-gram. But WOULD appreciate your help.

As background, I recently obtained a Verizone JetPack MiFi 6620L. My application will be to use it on the road as my wife and I are going back to being full-timers (for non-RVers, "living full-time in an RV" of course.) In experimenting with the device and also have read the user guide twice, explored the Verizon jetpack support site, called tech support three or four times and read. many forum threads. In many forums I see concern about jet-pack-caused data overages and I've already had to expand my program three times (to 30 GB at the moment). As a result of my experimentation I now have three questions:

First, can JetPack be configured to ONLY utilize data if a device is connected to it? Today it seems that that the JetPack itself, if on, will use data even if nothing is connected to it.

Second, can JetPack be configured to stay off until there is a demand placed on it by a device? In other words it would work like an auto-start feature...I picture an auto-generator that begins working only, if you were off the power grid and using generator for power, when someone turns on a light switch or the microwave or something. Then the generator begins working. It would be great if JetPack would do that.

Third, will my use of a cellular-data-signal amplifier in our motor-home INCREASE our data usage by the JetPack? (Note: mostly around the home and in our coach we find the JetPack is only picking up two bars, even while our Iphone 6s are picking up four bars. If we go OUT of the house or coach and have the JetPack with goes to four bars. Very peculiar, I think. I note the JetPack does not work well when our devices are out of line-of-sight of the JetPack, e.g. around a couple of corners in our house, but I'm not spending too much time thinking about that one yet.)

There may also be another cellular-driven device (other than JetPack) that could do some part of the above three issues and I'd be willing to try other solutions. But those devices would have to be comfy in both 3G and 4G environments and offer (at least) the same throughput speed to the wireless devices. (Also please note that we have, when full-timing in the past, used MotoSat and read up quite a bit on HughesNet for mobile wifi uses and don't see much value in going back that way, although it's been a few years and admittedly their cost may now be lower and their ease of  use higher. But we DO want to use our wifi network WHILE traveling, not just when stationary, and thus would have concerns about those solutions...not to mention a concern about going under a low overpass with our MotoSat antenna up, if it CAN work while traveling....LOL!)

Again, sorry for the ramble-gram but I have simply not been able to find a solution in my own research. His best to y'all....

Re: Several questions about configuring a JetPack MiFi 6620L's use of data
Customer Support

We can completely understand the curiosity, and I would be happy to help. We want to be sure you have a clear understanding of how your data is working for you and we look forward to you enjoying the Jetpack.

We first want to take a look at the settings to give you a step on how to keep the JetPack from using data on its own. Please navigate to the mobile data option in the quick settings panel and turn off. With the mobile data off, the JetPack will refrain from using data or updating unless mobile data is turned back on.

An option to keep the Jetpack off and set it to automatically start once a device is connected is not available at this time.

If you were to amplify the strength from the device, the usage amount will take its cues from the speed and usage type. For example, once amplified, if you are to stream a video in a higher quality than you normally would, the difference will reflect in the data amount used. Can we help with anything else? If you have any other questions or concerns we encourage you to reach back out to us and I want to thank you for being the best part of Verizon.

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