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Verizon Jetpack Suggestion

I have lived near a small town in a rural area my whole life. My two internet options are satellite internet, and the Verizon Jetpack. I currently have the Unlimited plan, which gives 15g of 4G LTE  and then drops to 600 KBPS. Now, I do appreciate that Verizon gives the Jetpack hotspot option.

But, we can all agree that cable providers refuse to come to rural areas, and their customers in more populated areas receive much faster speeds for waaay cheaper.

Now, don't get me wrong, I 100% appreciate the 4G LTE speeds that Verizon provides. Earlier, I saw a reply on a post asking why people "complain" to Verizon over cable companies. In other words, why do people bug Verizon instead of stubborn cable companies?

Well, personally, I believe that since the Jetpack is a feature that has been released for a while, Verizon may be willing to change it up a bit, while cable companies will 100% deny any requests to move into rural areas.

My suggestion for Verizon is to give customers two options when selecting their plan for the Verizon Jetpack.
Option 1: This is what we already have. Customers pay the full amount every month, but they will only receive 4G LTE speeds until they use up their 15g data cap.

Option 2: Customers receive 100% unlimited 4G LTE speeds with no data cap, but they are locked into a long contract (5-10 years). My idea here is that with the very pricey early termination fees, if cable companies move out into the country, Verizon customers will not cancel. Now, I know that cable providers will likely not move out into the country. Still, the contract will ensure that customers will stick with Verizon Wireless.

I get that this is probably a stupid and unrealistic suggestion, but I just want to find a way to help people in the same rural area internet situation as me.

Once again, I appreciate you, Verizon Wireless! Thank you for reading, I am open to feedback.


Re: Verizon Jetpack Suggestion
Customer Support

Thanks for the feedback, LorieJoel. It is being lifted up to the appropriate team for review.