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Why does my 150GB of data get used up in 7 days???

I have a Mifi Jetpack, #Jetpack model number 8800L.  I went in and added this to my monthly plan because my girlfriend and I live in an area where there is no Wifi.  When I say that, I mean that we quite literally have NO (and I mean NONE) affordable/reasonable means of getting Wifi to our home.  Verizon came through years back, and since we live in a very rural area, with only 7 households on our street, and everyone on our street told them that they would not be interested in Verizon Fios cable/internet/phone services, they elected not to run their fiber optic lines down our street.  The main road that our street branches off of has fiber optic, but they did not 'tee' off of that service line they ran on that street to go down our street.  That said, the only options we have are ridiculously slow satellite plans, like that Hughes internet garbage.  The cost of the service is nowhere near worth it when you research the speeds you would be getting.  The speeds they advertise are "best case scenario" speeds, which only work out for 5 to 10 percent of their customers.  The rest are left somewhere in the middle, or worse, at the bare minimum, yet these families pay the same for their service...  NOT HAPPENING.

At any rate, we aren't crazy internet users in our home.  We have 2 kids who are not even old enough to use tablets yet, aside from "ABC Mouse", which our son has just begun to check out in the past month or so.  I watch some Joe Rogan stuff via Spotify, and I watch some stuff on YouTube.  My girlfriend and I will occasionally stream a movie here and there (twice a week at most) using Disney+, Netflix, Prime Video, or HBO Max. (It's crazy to think I pay for all these services when we watch movies that infrequently.  So each service is probably only used once or twice per month, if at all.  It's unfortunate one cannot purchase one membership to a place where one might find anything they could want instead of having to have 4 or 5 memberships, when they are probably all owned by the same huge conglomerate somewhere down the line!)  And the most I use it for, is for playing my XBOX Series X, or downloading the occasional game.  Though, I am fully aware of the fact that downloading a game will require a bare minimum of 100GB of the 150GB we are alloted usually, so I am very careful about which games I choose to download.

This is the kicker.  I am very knowledgeable when it comes to the way things work with an XBOX, as I have owned one for years.  Since the 360, I have been a loyal XBOX customer.  So I am very aware of the way the hardware works.  I am VERY conscious of the fact that 150GB does not go very far if one does not pay close attention to what is being updated or downloaded, and when.  This is why I keep, not only my XBOX, but both my laptop and my girlfriend's laptop as well, set to NOT update or download ANYTHING on their own.  This is not just for App and Game updates, but for hardware/system updates as well.  NONE of our devices are able to download, or update a thing, not even so much as a single megabyte, without ME being notified, at the very least.  But 98.6% or more, of the updates and/or downloads that take place on any of our devices, are done by me going into the device and requesting the update or download to be completed and installed.  Once a month, or so, we pack the kids up and ride down to visit with my Mom, about an hour and a half away.  Every time that we do this, I pack up my XBOX and bring it with me, just so that I can take advantage of her Verizon internet when we get to her house.  I purchased a $150 carrying case for my XBOX Series X just for such visits to my Mother's house, and my XBOX is plugged in from the time we arrive, and it is the last item I pack up and put in the car when it is time to head home.  I take advantage of these such trips.  It is ridiculous, but it is what I have to do in order to enjoy my XBOX.

The main thing I would really love to understand, is why on earth my Jetpack all too often displays messages warning me that my 150GB of 4G/5G hotspot data is used up, not but 7 days in to our cycle.  Our cycle starts over at approximately 12 midnight on the 24th of each month.  By the 30th of last month (which was exactly 7, count them, SEVEN days in to our monthly cycle), I had received this message, and went on my Jetpack webpage to find it at 117GB used.  At this point in the month, we had maybe watched ONE movie, and I had downloaded NO games to my XBOX console, nor any updates!  We are actually scheduled to visit my Mother this coming weekend, so I had 22 updates that needed to be installed as of the 30th (because whenever this anomaly occurs, the first thing I do is go on to ALL of our devices to make sure that no one has gone in and messed with my settings for updates and downloads, and never, not even ONCE, has this happened to where I have found a single device with settings out of the norm), and obviously, any games that I would like to download would be saved until this visit takes place as well...

So where on earth is this 150GB of hotspot/Jetpack data (that I am paying a hefty added $65 to $75 a month for) going, or otherwise getting used towards???

Verizon offers us the Verizon Wireless Webpage, where we, as customers, can enter our phone number and accompanying password, and check out fine details of our accounts, such as monthly usage.  But of course, as with any such racket, all one must do is read the fine print on the page containing one's usage info/data, and it clearly states that the usage charts and all information disclosed on the page, are NOT information based on exact usage, but rather, mere "estimates".  It's like the water company with my Mother's water bill for YEARS now...  No one EVER comes by to read the data/info from her meter (and they would HAVE to, because she has one of the old model meters where there is no fancy equipment to send any digital info without having an actual 'meter-man' to stop and physically lift the cover of the meter box, wipe the grime from the meter face, and then READ the meter), yet somehow, they send her a bill every month, and every other month or so, the bill is increased.  Which is awfully fishy considering there are no longer 6 people living in her home, but just her.  Just the ONE person.  Yet her water bill is higher now than it was before my Dad passed away, and then my girlfriend, my kids and I, we moved out as well and got back into our own place, once my mother felt comfortable enough to be there, just she and her dog.  Of course, we visit, and I'm close enough, if she needs me, I can be there well inside of two hours.  But even including those visits, you can't tell me that a 75 year old and her dog (and a 75 year old is NOT bathing that dog) should be paying as much or more than she did when there were all those people living under her roof!!

I am an honest person.  I believe in good business, and I believe that in order to conduct good business, that transparency is essential.  I believe that when transparency and full disclosure are not present that it is detrimental to a business relationship, and that relationship is bound to fail at some point.  Right is right, and wrong is wrong, and this is a situation that I see is as black and white as the day is long.  Gigabytes are so easy to throw away if one is not well versed in the many ways in which they can be ever so quickly consumed by any number of digital devices.  But I am overly-careful, to a degree that one aught not to have to be, just because this stuff is already set up for people to blow their hard earned money on stuff they never actually use to it's full potential, if at all.  We live in a world where people are constantly being trapped, every day, by those '3 free months' deals.  Because companies know, that 9 times out of 10, the person is going to forget to cancel their subscription, and just like that, they have made however much they charge once their fees begin to post on the individual's account.  And the average person has so much going on in their life, that subscriptions to this or that all too often fall by the wayside, and before you know it, you've been paying $17.99 a month for some service, for 6 months, until that charge finally overdraws their account, at which point they realize that they neglected to cancel a subscription to some stupid thing they knew they were never going to use in the first place!  It's just crazy how so many companies that we are supposed to trust as consumers, are doing nothing but devising the next parlor trick with which to fleece their loyal customers of their hard earned money.

As a matter of fact, that is another thing I will add here...  My devices are ALL of them set to where they do NOT automatically connect to ANY of the networks which might be saved within their Wifi menus.  So it would literally be impossible for any device to use up this mysterious 117GB which has been taxed from our monthly allotment.

This is crazy, and it needs to stop

Re: Why does my 150GB of data get used up in 7 days???
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