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Why was a Jetpack put on Contract without my knowledge

I bought my Jetpack through Amazon not even through Verizon and which I’ve had it for over a year now and I actually purchased a second jet pack from a different site and when I went to cancel my jet packs the newest jet pack that I just added on didn’t charge me a cancellation fee but why is it the Jetpack from Amazon not through Verizon charge me over $230 for a cancellation fee for a Jetpack that was never purchased let alone put on a contract through Verizon and they’re telling me one of my bills was over $555 because of breaching my contract but what contract I didn’t buy the Jetpack through them I didn’t sign any contract with the actual Verizon I went to the store got a Sim card and it worked no signature was needed and why is it my newest jet pack I canceled with no problem and no fee but this specific one the longest that I’ve had it it’s going on almost 2 years I get charged and it was only for seasonal business. So I’m curious on where my contract is that I supposedly agreed upon when it was me just walking into a store and having a Sim card put in I am with you on this whole matter and it’s very messed up

Re: Why was a Jetpack put on Contract without my knowledge
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I'm sorry to hear about your experience. In order to find out more about the contract on your jetpack, we will need to access your account. Please send us a Private Note.