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netgear arlo and jetpack

How can I get an arlo system to work with a jetpack? The arlo has a usb connection which goes to a router.

Re: netgear arlo and jetpack

> How can I get an arlo system to work with a jetpack?

I had to google what and arlo system is.  Looks like its a security camera system which suggests it has the same conflicts with remote access on VZWs NAT network as the rest of the home networking devices with similar limitations.  If so then your first hurdle is to establish a public IP address for your Arlo cameras so that you can connect to them remotely.

The current work arounds to the VZW NAT firewall configuration are:

1. Setup a VPN connection to a VPN server that allows public IPs and port forwarding

2. Purchase a static IP from VZW for $500

3. Terminate service with VZW and explore local ISP alternatives that offer a free public IP

> How can I get an arlo system to work with a jetpack?

You will have to clarify where the problem is in your scenario.  The Jetpack will not be able to complete a USB tether connection to a security camera.  Jetpacks would have to go through the Home Router your Arlo is connected to first.  Thus you would have to troubleshoot the home router connection to the Jetpack for us to be helpful.  The USB to homerouter would be something to contact Arlo about.

If the Arlo router is not completing a connection to the Jetpack then consider the basic troubleshooting steps for local WiFi problems:

1. Delete any wireless profiles for the Jetpack on the Home Router and retry the connection

2. Confirm the Home Router can see the currently broadcasted connection from the Jetpack (2.4 GHz vs 5.0 GHz)

3. Confirm the home router has and is configured as a "Wireless Bridge".  Home routers are not going to be compatible with a Jetpacks USB tethering feature due to a lack of hardware drivers.  You have to complete this connection wirelessly or go through something that can wirelessly bridge into an Ethernet cable first.

Re: netgear arlo and jetpack
Customer Support

That is a great question, Thomas. With regards to your third party device we do not support that particular setup. Please reach out to the manufacturer of the device you are trying to connect to better assist with your concerns.


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