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"LTE Home Internet" VS Jetpack

LTE Home Internet is not available for my zipcode. We use an LTE Jetpack works.  We live in the country.

Since the Jetpack uses LTE, it seems LTE Home Internet should work as well.

If a Jetpack works/worked for you, do you know if LTE Home Internet would work especially if it showed as not available for your zipcode?

Re: "LTE Home Internet" VS Jetpack
Customer Support

@trifector ,

It's great to know that you're interested in our LTE Home Internet! When it comes to this type of service, signal strength isn't the only thing we take into consideration when making it available at a particular location. Available capacity at the cell sites that cover your address factor into determining eligibility at a particular location. Being preapproved services, if you purchase the LTE Home Internet using a qualifying address, and then use it in another location that is not approved, the service will not work as intended.  -Russell

Re: "LTE Home Internet" VS Jetpack

Does Comcast/Xfinity have a contract in your area? They might be using Verizon's WiFi infrastructure. They lease it from Verizon, rebrand it and charge a lot more.