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A problem with Kin One



I live in Ukraine (Eastern Europe), and my friend from USA sent me a present - Microsoft/Sharp Kin One phone. I know, that it is a Verizon Wireless only model. But there are some CDMA carriers in Ukraine too. So, I want to use this phone in my native country :smileyhappy:


But I have a problem. Service-man tried to download PRL-file into Kin One, but... Windows couldn't recognize it as a modem (and it is a necessary term). So, we found a secret code in the Web {edit}, and now Kin One is recognized as a modem :smileyhappy:


But we can't find a driver for it. It is called Pink CDMA Diagnostic. Can you help me?


Re: A problem with Kin One
Sr. Member

The KIN One can only be used for CDMA service. In the Ukraine the data technology used is GSM/GPRS, which means the KIN One will not function as a modem or get any data connection. Since Ukraine provides CDMA for voice, the device can be used in the Ukraine for voice calls ($2.89 per minute), however the device would also need Verizon Wireless service/number in order to be supported for use. Verizon Wireless service can only be obtained in the U.S., as we cannot do credit checks or offer service for areas outside of the U.S as services cannot be guaranteed.