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Activation Problems

Hello, I'm having trouble activatiing my new KIN TWOm I bought off of eBay. I go online to activate it and it says to call customer service. Before going on the phone for an hour with customer service, I figured I'd ask people about it here first.


Of course you people probably won't know why my specific device isn't activating (or maybe you do), but is your info under Settings> Phone Info the same as mine?


Software Version: 1.0.1 (4704.0)

Radio Firmware: v0.4.727

Model: 119

PRL ID: 58006


Is yours the same? If not, I might have accidently purchased the original version... it has the calculator and calender though, with no Loop or Spot, so I'm not sure....

Re: Activation Problems

You have to call in since that ESN is assigned to another account right now, it doesn't know who you are yet.


Hopefully it hasn't been reported lost/stolen

Re: Activation Problems

What tbhouston said. But i will confirm to you that it is a Kin Twom, with no spot/loop and a calculator/calendar. I'm pretty sure the original Kins were 1.00 and the m models, 1.01.

Re: Activation Problems
Hi ive had the same exp when i was trying to set up my phone. I tried activating it online but it wont let me. So i tried calling #228 (as far as i can remember that was the number, but still im not sure if thats the number to activate phones i forgot -_-) They said call 1-800- something number so i called and it took like 10mins for them to activate it :smileyhappy: they even asked ne to call a number to make sure that it is already activated :smileyhappy: