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Well, I really tried to love the Kin twom for a few days. There is a lot going for this phone and it could be a very successful feature phone with a tiny bit of effort on MS and VZW's part. Sadly, though, I am pretty sure they are just trying to burn off inventory and don't really intend to support it, but there will be kids out there that will love the phone as it is. Granted, I am not the targeted demographic for this phone (new slogan: "You are only as old as the target demographic of the phone you use."), but the inability to import or update contacts is inexcusable. While most of the users will have lots of friends, they will generally only store mobile numbers and they will be able add them as their friends txt or call them. I have over 200 contacts with mobile, work, and lab numbers as well as  email addresses. I am not manually imputing those to have them gone the next time the phone loses its tiny little mind and gets erased. Even the kids are going to be chuffed over that when it happens. No backup assistant? Seriously? The sad thing is that Verizon and MS had to make a conscious decision to remove the exchange sync or Hotmail (MS Live) contact sync from the phone.


Since my kids are in college, they have Wi-Fi constantly at school and don't even miss the data access since it is blocked on all of the phones. That part is good, though it took the VZW reps the better part of a night to get it done. The messaging interface seems cludgy and inconvenient, particularly if you want to attach a photo or mp3, but maybe I would get used to it over time. My barnacle covered middle aged mind is not up to the task right now.


So back to my trusty Moto Z6c with the GSM slot built in that I can use while traveling in the rest of the world than nearly universally uses GSM (won't all 4G be GSM?) The Kin goes into a drawer to use as a spare when one of my daughters drops theirs into the shower as they are texting while washing their hair. Too bad, I could have enjoyed it but for a couple of fatal flaws. Kin Twom, I barely knew you.


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Sorry to hear you didn't like it. So is it true that contacts can't be transferred at a Verizon store?


I used to have a Z6c! I really liked the small size and talking phone feature. But I gave it to my Dad because he had a hard time hearing on other phones and that one has great call quality. 


Well, you could always use the Kin Two for its Zune player.