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Call missing from call log

Hi, I'm not sure if this is a Kin problem, but there is at least one call missing from my call log. I dialed someone's number specifically so I could have it in my log and make it a contact later. I got their voicemail, so I know the call went through. However, the call does not appear in the Kin's call log, or on the Kin's messages screen, or even when I log into Verizon and view my usage details. Every other call I made that day is there, except for this one. It's weird. Any ideas on what happened?

Re: Call missing from call log
Customer Support

@14579, No one memorizes numbers anymore so I can definitely understand how inconvenient this must be to lose a number before having the chance to enter it into your contacts list. 

Has this happened before?  Did you try rebooting the phone to see if the number shows up in your call log? I want to help but first I need to know which Kin device you have. Do you have the Kin One, Kin Two, Kin One m, or Kin Two m?

You mentioned that the call went through because you got the person’s voice mail, so if you check your detailed usage online the call should appear there for you to retrieve the number.

1. Sign in to My Verizon.
2. Locate the I Want To... section.
3. Under the BILL column click View Usage. The My Current Usage page displays.
4. If appropriate, Select A Line to view usage for a different line.

I’m here to further assist you.

John B
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