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Certified Like New Replacement?

I've been having issues with my Kin Onem - the phone randomly freezes and shuts off/on for no reason, phone shuts off and doesn't turn on while charging so I can't use it etc. Very frustrating! I called in and the spoke to a rep who suggested that I might be able to take it into a local vzw store and have them order a replacement one since mine is still under warranty.


My question is: has anyone gotten a replacement Kin under the certified like new replacement program? If so, what is your experience with the replacement phone? 


 I've been reading comments on the boards and several posts noted that the replacement phones were in poor condition and those people had to get several additional replacements etc. I've been having a terrible time with my Kin and I'm afraid that whatever replacement vzw sends me might be even worse. I really wish that Verizon would sell better phones... 


Any comments would be much appreciated!


** Also, has anyone noticed that the battery life on the phone is getting shorter and shorter? I had the phone for only a few months and now I can only make 2-3 short phone calls before the phone shuts off. 

Re: Certified Like New Replacement?

The replacement for my TwoM was shipped yesterday and am waiting for it. My TwoM was still under warranty.


No really comparable phone available, per VZW support. Loosing the high quality camera with flash, no Zune, no wifi. Supposed to be a Pantech Jest, which if the original Jest (instead of a current Jest 2) won a Golden Turkey award from PCMag in 2010.


Will see how bad it is when I get it.

Re: Certified Like New Replacement?

I went into the store because I had the same issue with mine (KIN oneM) and they said that they still had some in stock. Online they didn't and so I was getting excited about possibly getting a BBerry Social Media on a data plan I could afford, but that idea was nixed once I got to the store. I'll see what replacement I get and then let you know how it works,.The one bad thing is that I have to manually re-enter all of my contacts, and I cannot find the piece of paper that I wrote them all out on. UGH!!!