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Discovered: Kin 2m earphones work like bluetooth for phone calls

Great find: I discovered while listening to the Kin Twom Radio with the earphones on that I could answer then talk to a caller on the phone with the phone in my pocket. That means that the earphones  have a mic in them like a bluetooth.  The quality was excellent. Then I turned off the radio just to see if I could make a call and talk via the earphones. Sure Nough- I could make the call or hit the missed call bubble then talk with the phone in my jacket pocket!


Who woulda thunk I could talk through my earphones? That was a totally new and cool feature to me.  :smileyhappy:


Also, by adjusting the volume in Radio/other player functions, the volume seems to be a lot louder now than it was when set to loud in settings and seems to be staying there.


Now, is there a way to answer a call in some other way beside the finger across the screen swipe in this situation?

Re: Discovered: Kin 2m earphones work like bluetooth for phone calls

yeah there's that little black mic built into the wires.