Don't Recommend

I had a Kin Twom and my sister also had a Kin Twom. It worked for about two months, and then coincidentally and inconveniently, when we arrived at college, they both kicked the bucket. Her screen just went very dark and eventually went completely black and wouldn't turn on (yes we tried taking the battery out yadda yadda). She was sent a replacement, so she still has the Kin Twom but we'll see. It shuts off a lot. My Kin just wouldn't hold a charge. So they sent me a replacement battery and it still wouldn't charge. It wasn't my charger, because it wouldn't charge with my sister's working charger either. They sent me a replacement Pantech Jest. That was their choice. Because they didn't want to send me another Kin Twom after all of the problems, and because they didn't have any in stock. I know some people have probably had good experiences with it and they like it and everything. It was just a little frustrating.