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Email Sync / Deleting Email Account Issue

I love my Kin OneM, but I just had a problem happen for the second time that I cannot find a solution for.  I have 4 email accounts synced to the email app, and two of them work just fine (one is windows live, one is yahoo.) My other yahoo account and gmail accounts both stopped syncing a few days ago and will not update.  It says they sync up, but never get the new messages that I know are in my inbox.  I can access all the accounts through my browser and they work find there.  I tried to solve the problem by deleting the accounts and setting them up again, but they won't delete! They just sit there with the "loading" bars moving across the top of the screen and it says "deleting and signing out" but it never happens.  The last time I had this problem, I took my phone into the store and they said, "Yeah, we can fix that." They reformatted my phone and lost everything I had on it.  I would really like to avoid doing that again.


Any tips?

I've tried:

-manually syncing (no change)

-restarting phone (no change)

-removing battery (no change)

-deleting all other email accounts (no change)

-renaming accounts (doesn't update changes, seems to be stuck at some point a few days ago, doesn't register any changes)



Re: Email Sync / Deleting Email Account Issue

I've got something similar going on. My e-mail was working fine until it suddenly stopped even trying to synch sometime last night. I synched it (gmail and a POP3 account) last night and received a couple of new e-mails. Then I shut the phone off because we were going into a show. When we got home, I turned it back on and e-mail simply ignored my requests to synch. It doesn't even give me the little "Connecting" status -- it just goes immediately back to the inbox with no action at all.This happens regardless of whether I'm trying to connect via WiFi or 3G.


Otherwise, the app works fine. I can open folders, read the e-mails that are there, delete them, etc. I just can't synch.


I have connectivity for everything else. I can use the browser -- and by going to sites that show a time stamp (like our local weather radar), I can tell that the phone is truly going out to the net and receiving data.


I normally have the synch frequency set to manual. So after it stopped working last night, I set it to 15 minutes just to see if the problem was in the app itself, or just the manual synch button. I came back about 20 minutes later, and the synch had worked! Then I tried it manually, and that worked too. So, says I, problem solved, yes?  No.  When I turned the phone on this morning, it's not working again, and the 15 minute setting didn't fix it this time -- and it didn't synch at the specified time interval either.


It's also not a problem with the touch screen.  The problem exists in both portrait and landscape mode, so it fails regardless of where on the screen the "synch" button is located.


I'm going to try a "master reset" ("erase phone data" on the About your phone screen) -- after I get done transferring pix/videos and manually copying all my contact info to see if that clears anything up.


So asked the OP to send you a personal message. I might need to do that as well, but could you please tell me how? There's no option for that on this forum screen.



Re: Email Sync / Deleting Email Account Issue
Verizon Employee

Thanks for the update, RTFM! I appreciate it!

Re: Email Sync / Deleting Email Account Issue

I am having the same email sync issue with my kin2 phone. It will not sync with any of my email accounts. What advice can you give me to resolve this issue.

Re: Email Sync / Deleting Email Account Issue

Same problem here!!  I had the same issue with my hotmail email account.  I deleted it and set it up again, and it synced up 1 time after that.  And only 1 time after setting it up again.  What's up?!  I can't keep deleting and setting up my email account each time I want it to sync up.  What is going on 😞