Emailing Pictures from Kin Twom

I have the camera set at the highest quality.  

when i e-mail (not MMS) the picture though the email app (gmail) the picture is only 50K to 60k.  


Am I missing something, I thought I would be able to send the full image not a compressed version?


Is this how it is or is there a way to send the picture other then downloading it through the zune software and emailing it seperately?





Re: Emailing Pictures from Kin Twom
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The Kin phones were designed to shrink the quality of the high-quality photos to email quality, when emailed or sent via MMS.  They did it to save space, which is dumb when you think about the fact that emails can hold pretty much any size photo (at least any size a camera phone would take), but that is how they send them. If you want to send a full-quality photo, i'm afraid hte only way to do it is through the computer. You could try doing some work-arounds, through sending an email via the browser, but i'm not sure you will be able to attach a file that way.


I don't imagine there are many uses for sending a full-quality photo that has to be done through the phone though, is there? I haven't seen the shrunk picture quality,  but i don't think it is that bad, is it? Once Zune is set up, it is as simple as plug into the computer, it auto-syncs, and then open up email from that computer to send the full file. It is a pretty dumb design on Microsoft's behalf to auto-limit the email quality (MMS quality makes sense, but email doesn't), but it isn't too bad to deal with. I don't know of any applications where you would have to send the full 8MP quality picture on-the-spot, but perhaps you have one, and i am sorry to inform you that it isn't possible (without firmware changes/editing). The phone simply lacks many of these 'should-be-customizeable' settings that would make many users happier.