Frusterated KINone..... can't access all contact numbers...Help :0)

This is my second posting because I do not think I explained correctly the first time... I am new here please forgive me.

I have the Kin one. I spent today entering my contact numbers but only the first shows up under the contact when I choose a person from the list. I added multiple numbers per person, but when I go to contacts and choose a name they all just say call mobile.

When I access a person from my favorites list and I hit "open"... The same thing happens there is only one phone  contact number option. I can't access the other programmed numbers.

Has this happened to anyone? Did I enter them wrong. I do appreciate your help. Is there tech support for these devices?

I sure do appreciate it.... Thanks so much!

Re: Frusterated KINone..... can't access all contact numbers...Help :0)
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a link to a nearly identical post:


when you open up each contact, you are able to select the individual numbers you entered. It may have just missed your eye the first time around.


Do note, that if you are adding the contacts by 'linking' them, i'm not sure if they show up, and the 'link contacts' feature seems rather buggy and useless to me. Mainly, when you link the contact, and then access it, the other contact's name doesn't appear, only the number, and unless you memorized the number, then linking them is pretty much useless. As long as you are adding multiple numbers the conventional way, by adding numbers when editing contacts, then they should show up (at least i haven't heard of any other cases where they haven't).