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Google Voice help?

I just got my Kin Twom a couple of days ago, and I've blocked data and text messaging, I've recently added my Google Voice number in my contacts and I was wondering if I get charged for receiving a text from my Google Voice number despite blocking texts? Because I'm honestly paranoid about getting these extra charges on my parents' phone bill.

Re: Google Voice help?

i think for google voice, sending txt via their service is free while receiving txt will be charged on vzw's end.

however, since u blocked txt from vzw, i don't think you will be able to receive any txt forwarded from the google voice service.


if u r really concerned about charges...i find the $5 250 txt per month plan to be fairly affordable and that is what I have along with google voice.


I used to think all txt are free with google voice, then i saw the bill...and it was not fun at the receiving end.