Is the KIN TwoM able to send texts over 170 characters to other Verizon users?
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So one thing that basically all Verizon phones have is Backup Assistant.  From what I read, the new KINs are the exception.  Likewise, it's nice to be able to send texts over 170 characters as single texts to other Verizon customers.  If you try to send texts that are over 170 characters to non-Verizon customers, you'll get an error text back.  I just want to make sure that re-branded KINs aren't the "exception" again.


I like this phone on paper, but I'm hesistant because of:


-No Backup Assistant.  It's not even the fact that I'd have to sit down and type all my contacts in, but rather my contacts won't be backed up regularly like they are now.


-Some people seem to be having trouble getting the pictures off the phone.  From what I understand, the original KINs would save the high-resolution photo to the Studio, and a smaller low-resolution picture to the phone.  With the re-branded KINs, is there any way I can get the 8MP picture off the phone?  What's the point of a good camera if I can't keep the high-resolution pictures?


-The possible texting over 170 characters issue.


Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks.

Re: Is the KIN TwoM able to send texts over 170 characters to other Verizon users?

- I haven't messed with any of the uploading to the computer because honestly they didn't give any software.  I just downloaded ZUNE to see if I can transfer photos or videos through that, maybe contacts too, but thats highly unlikely.


-ABOVE:  Trying to install ZUNE because i heard you can transfer through that.


I have e-mailed a photo as an MMS to my e-mail but it only transfers as a 600x400 pixel image, which is not 8MP.  I will try sending a photo to another phone and using a memory card to transfer but that would be annoying and required 2 VERIZON users + a memory card.


-You can text over 170.  I have tested this.  I am not sure if you can receive over 170 but sending is not a problem.