KIN Onem
I am getting the KIN onem just waiting for it to arrive I am very excited about getting it..I wanted the kin tell but they didn't have anymore in stock n needed one asap so went with the onem.

I heard you need a data plan for the email app is this true? I plan on using my wifi quite a bit as I have it at home and is nice not to have to use the computer all the time. Is the browser on these thing good?

I am also worried about getting charged data how can I block data so it don't charge me if I block data will it block me from my wifi and picture messages and All that?

Just anything you cAn telll me would be great!
Re: KIN Onem

I do not need the e-mail app for the KIN.  I just signed into my IMAP account using the settings on the app that came with the phone and it syncs beautifully to my computers using wi-fi only.  I have all data blocked from Verizon so I cannot access anything online without wi-fi on.


I also missed having a notes feature so I have created a folder in my e-mail called "NOTES".  It also syncs with my computer.  So, I can have shopping lists, to do lists or whatever "NOTES" I need using e-mail as a notes app.  Once it syncs I have my NOTES with me without needing wi-fi or data.


You do need to go online at verizon and block everything except pix/video messaging.  This process is explained in a lot of threads.  It will save you from racking up data fees if you're on a tight budget and don't have a data plan.


The ONEm is a cute little phone!  I almost got one but my reading vision is impaired so I lucked out and got probably one of the last TWOm's.  Mine is less than a week old.  So far I LOVE it even though I need reading glasses to use it! :smileyvery-happy:  My iPod Touch is staying home more and more.