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KIN TWOm Review: Not even one star.

Personally, I think this is a terrible phone. Please do NOT get this phone. I read the reviews, which were mixed, and I decided to get it anyway because my friend recommended it (looking back, I have NO idea why). First of all, I'll be kind by listing the ONLY FIVE PROS the KIN TWOm has:

1) looks sleek

2) high quality camera (for a phone)

3) can use wifi

4) good keyboard

5) can take screenshots

However, the "high quality camera" has a flash that is awful and makes the picture intensely bright. Also, if you move the phone just a little bit when taking a picture, the picture comes out extremely blurry (which probably has something to do with the fact that it is slow between the time the camera button is pressed and the actual picture is captured). But if you manage to hold the phone long/still enough, the picture quality is pretty high.

And as for the wifi, I found this to be very useless, as the wifi network has to have a very strong connection to be able to use wifi on the phone.

And the phone takes screenshots on its own a lot, which is very annoying. Also it sometimes doesn't take a screenshot when you want it to.

So essentially, the only foolproof good things about the KIN TWOm are its sleek appearance and good keyboard.


  • The phone quality is below adequate. People can't hear me very well when I'm talking to them, and I can't hear them very well either.
  • The picture messages seldom send on the first try.
  • Vibration is veryyy long, but weak (you don't feel it very well)
  • Takes screenshots on its own sometimes
  • Sometimes doesn't take screenshots when you try to
  • Runs out of battery fast, even if not in use. As long as it's on for a long time, it will run out of charge.
  • Camera takes long to take picture


  • Voice commands
  • Voice recorder/memos
  • The ability to send ringtones or sounds
  • Sounds
  • Notepad
  • Drafts
  • The ability to change message viewing settings (you can only view by conversations with a contact,not inbox/sent)
  • The ability to delete single messages (can only delete conversations by contact)
  • The ability to look at one message individually (have to look at entire conversation with contact)
  • A number shown of how many messages (read & unread) in your inbox
  • A number shown of how many messages (read & unread) you have with a certain person
  • The ability to set videos as a wallpaper
  • The ability to lock messages
  • Ability to forward messages
  • Ability to "reply with copy" of a message
  • Autocorrect/iTap English word
  • "Send to all contacts" option

So there you have it. Do not get this phone, it excludes many useful features. It is absolutely awful and you will regret it, just as I do (I'm still waiting for my two year contract to be up, so for now I'm stuck with it!).