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KIN TWOm Warranty Replacement?

I spoke to Verizon Technical Support regarding call quality/reception issues. After a long discussion, about 1 hour later, the technician agreed to send me a new replacement KIN TWOm. In fact, she stated a couple of times that it is an updated version of the TWOm. I was estactic because I was dealing with this defective phone for quite a while and I thought I could live with it for a while or maybe it'll improve. Not the case and my 1-year warranty is going to expire soon.


I received the replacement phone. I was so excited then when I opened the box... WHAT!!! I get a much lower featured/price Pantech Jest. It must be a gravely mistake. Verizon would not insult a long time customer like this.


I immediately called Verizion Tech Support and the answer I got made me extremely upset. She tried to convince me that the KIN TWOm was no longer available and the Pantech Jest was the closest device to my KIN TWOm. OK, I know the Verizon product line because I researched it before choosing the KIN. The only thing similar between the Jest and the TWOm was the Verizon logo. I told her that this was an insult. She basically told me that the only thing I can do is to call Sharp and work with them on the warranty replacement.


Why do I have to spend another hour or two discribing my quality problems with Sharp? I've already done this with Verizon many times before with Verizon.


Why can't Verizon work with Sharp to replace their defective devices?


Why doesn't Verizon have a plan to warranty their products?


This is a strong statement by Verizon Wireless that they will not back their products that they sell to their consumers! We are abandoned when it comes to warranty claims.