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KIN & WP7 merger?


Article is from last May so maybe by this summer when the WP7 gets more users, there will be some upgrades, not holding my breath, but atleast this soundbite shows their is a potential still to get the KIN with an apps store.  My thinking is it will be through the Zune software.  Seems possible just not sure if the WP7 phones fail like the KIN then those hopes are greatly diminished for all us KIN users!

Re: KIN & WP7 merger?

First off, like you said, the article is from last May. The Kin died a quick death shortly after. You can think of it as a merger, int he fact that all Microsoft resources were diverted to WP7. But in my mind, there is no way that an update to convert the Kins to windows phones is going to happen. It is way beyond that point. And to be honest, there really isn't a point to do so, because there are better phones (windows) out there than the Kin, just hardware and specs-wise. Lastly, assuming all the pieces fell together (which they probably won't cause this article is from May, when they were complaining about he original Kin, not the new m model kins) and the windows 'merger' did certainly wouldn't be at a feature-phone priced package. And if i were to get a smartphone, Windows would be at the bottom of my list. To simply put it, Microsoft is just a step behind in the phone market. Don't get me wrong, i am a fan of microsoft and Windows 7, but in terms of phones, WP7 is just inferior to what is out there. To me, it goes Android, iPhone, Blackberry, then WP7 (and perhaps i'd put Palm at the bottom, but only simply because i know nothing about it). In the same fashion that i wouldn't buy a Mac computer, even with the ridiculous price mark-up aside, i wouldn't buy a windows phone, because it simply is just worse.


I'm not really sure what is Microsoft's deal of being behind, it isn't like they don't have the resources available, but their marketing and testing just doesn't match Google and Apple. Those 2 companies know how to put what the customers want. And it isn't like Microsoft is going for the 'sophisticated', 'techie' audience either, because many of their products are littered with bugs and 'why did you do that' features. At the rate they're going, with the products their putting out, Windows phone will die soon in my mind. Just like Zune died pretty quickly. Apple already has the 'coolness' factor, and Google's advantages are its pricing (many free apps), variety and compatibility of its products, so with those established names and reputations, i really don't see anything going microsoft's way without them putting a product out there that is just superior to its competition..and windows phone doesn't even meet par.

Re: KIN & WP7 merger?

Microsofts inablity to keep up with the market may have been why they made the recent pact with Nokia.  It's sad though, Nokia really didn't need MS to drag them down when they had Symbian and Meego development starting to show promise.