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Kin 2 Set up kin email.


    I just got the Kin 2 when I meant to buy the Kin 2m. I mean I have no problem that I got the Kin 2 instead it's just the initial setup when you start up your phone. I go to do the Kin account thing it says it cannot connect to microsoft live or whatever. I figured out how to get past the initial setup and I love the phone. I read that if you don't do the initial setup the loop wont work or the facebook and twitter part was shut down when all the KinStudio and such was shut down. Weird thing is I was seeing if that was true and yet it all still works. Which is great and a huge bonus because all that works. The only problem i have is when my phone restarts the initial setup is still there. I was wondering if there was a way to remove that initial setup so I dont have to see it when I turn on the phone or change the theme or whenever it just restarts. If I just have to take it into a Verizon Store and they will do it or if there is a way to do it on the phone would be great. Like I said I absolutely love the phone and all the features but that initial setup is just sooo annoying. PLEASE HELP!!

Re: Kin 2 Set up kin email.

You could try talking to verizon or going into a store, but the original kins pretty much have it built in to work off of kin studio.  So the ones activated before they turned off studio should be fine, but the ones afterwards would have this issue.