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Kin One Touch screen issues

my son just got his Kin One today and it worked great from the store to the house.  Once we got home the touch screen started to have response issues.  Its sensitivity is very low to non existent.  Anybody have the same issues or solutions?

Re: Kin One Touch screen issues

Try turning it off, removing the battery, and install the battery again.  Then turn it back on.  I have had this happen to me once.  This is what I did, and it fixed the problem.


Re: Kin One Touch screen issues

I haven't had any sensitivity issues with the screen. My screen also has a protective skin applied to it, and it still responds well. One thing to understand about the phone, it happens to have a lot of automatic sensors on it. Theres the 'proximity' sensor next to the earpeice, which happens to be just a simple phototransistor (light detector). When it is covered, while the phone is also locked, it will 'disable' the functionality of the physical keys. It also is the same sensor that turns off the touchscreen when you are talking on the phone, similar to most touchscreen phones (to prevent cheek dialing, etc).


Another thing, the side portions of the screen seem to have some sort of sensing to it, too. In other words, when you are holding hte phone, its sensitivity will be a lot higher than when it is sitting on a table, with nothing holding it. Although, to be honest, this is just my experience with the phone. It all seems a bit like guesswork to predict how the phone has been programmed. You might want to try turning the phone off and on again, and see if that fixes anything up, as well as firmly gripping the phone and seeing if that changes it at all.