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Can someone please explain to me how in the world Verizon can legally charge a mandatory $29.99 data package for the Kin One, yet the Kin OneM, which is the EXACT SAME PHONE and has the EXACT SAME FEATURES, requires no data package?  Verizon still refers to the Kin One as a "smartphone"....REALLY????  The phone is discontinued.  The Kin website is down.  Can I update the software?  NOPE.....Can I download apps?  NOPE.  Can I backup my contacts with backup assistant?  NOPE  (I can't even get backup assistant on it)....Can I get VZ Navigator on there?  NOPE.... Can I get or use ANY apps on the Kin One that would suggest it is a "Smartphone" (other than the wifi)??? then what exactly can I do with the Kin One "smartphone"  as a smartphone that requires the $30.00 mandatory data package?  It has the same features as the Kin OneM?  Am I thinking illogically here, or is there something magical that the Kin One does that would mandate a $30.00 data package???? 

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Maybe I'm wrong but the differences are very minimal, and really just a different Firmware version...I think the OneM version removed a few of the minor "data" dependent applications that were on the original device thus turning it into a "feature" phone...

In any case, neither version is really "smart" and if your paying for data and not ready for a contract upgrade, you are better off buying a used droid or other smart phone somewhere....

the Wikipedia article is informative as to the actual difference in the devices...