Kin Onem Won't Vibrate!?

I've had my Kin One for a few months now and everythings has been fine, but now all of a sudden, it made one weird vibration and it won't vibrate anymore. A soft reset won't work. Any advice?

Re: Kin Onem Won't Vibrate!?
Verizon Employee

Oh no! I hate to hear the Kin Onem is no longer vibrating. 

So you've already pulled the battery but still not able to get it to vibrate? Are you trying to get it to vibrate for calls/notifications?


The only thing I would be able to recommend at this time is a Full/Master reset of the phone. Keep in mind, this will erase ALL information from the phone and you will need to set it up again.


Master Reset Steps

Tap Settings

Tap About Your Phone

Tap Erase Phone Data


You will be able to back up your media by using  which is a 3rd party site

If I were you, I'd make a record of your contacts as it doesn't appear the 3rd party site will back the contacts up.


Once you have your information backed up and have completed the master reset & are still not able to have the phone vibrate, then we'd have to look into replacement options (warranty/manufacturer defect/insurance)


Let me know what happens!